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Tribal Prints


Tribal art showcases the art coming from tribal communities to represent their culture, living traditions and creative expression. Some of the popular tribal art styles in India are Gond, Bhil and Wali.

The beauty of tribal art lies in their eccentric compositions, vibrancy and theconnect they have to the everyday life. Most tribal paintings have themes revolving around day-today life, mythological stories, local beliefs and legends which are pictorially represented in their own unique style. Trees, animals, birds and other environmental representation are probably the most recognizable subject matter in their visual art practice.

In the modern day and age, tribal paintings are as much part of a rich traditional Indian history as they are in sync with current global trends. Tribal artists are no longer faceless, nameless unknown artist but have made a mark with their own unique individual artistic identities in the global art market.

Tribal paintings have been made their way into modern home decor because of their rustic appeal. They are a favourite among art collectors too.
Here, we bring for you some of the finest of tribal art and paintings from India. So, what keeps you away from bringing home a tribal painting?
Browse our exclusively curated collection of tribal art.

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