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Pop Art Prints


From the 1950s Britain and America, the likes of Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper John have spun the art world in a completely unique way. Taking everyday figures and facets, Pop Art represented the consumerism of a post-war world

Today, everything from media, merchandise to original art still actively reflects this highly-recognizable and relatable art form. Back in the 1950s pop artists returned to representational art where the subjects of the artwork were more recognizable and less abstract. Using everyday mundane, factory made objects pop artists moved away from emphasizing personal feelings or expressions characterized in abstract expressionism or expressionist art

In contemporary India, pop art is not just inspired by our popular culture but is part of it. Bright, edgy and full of cultural references, pop art is strikingly post-modern. Some of the most popular references in pop art include Marilyn Monroe, Campbell soup cans and comic strips. The pop art movement started as a rejection of emotional expression on canvas and instead an outpouring of the mundane everyday truth in the age of industrialization and mechanization. Even though pop art has evolved dramatically over the years, in many ways, the underlining concepts and motives still remain the same. Enjoy India’s most dynamic pop art collection here.

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