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Minimalist Prints


Minimalism or Minimal art can be seen as an extension of abstraction. It is a comparatively modern art style developed only around mid-20th century.
Minimalism is seen as an expression of reality beyond its existing form. Minimalist art as the name suggests is the art of expressing an idea in the most minimal fashion. Thus it is often considered the purest form of art, where the most essential or the core of a subject is expressed.

The characteristics of minimalist paintings often include simple shapes, forms and colours, and often have large empty or blank spaces on canvas. The aesthetically pleasing minimalistic paintings have become an important aspect in modern decor. They are indeed a visual delight and make the onlookers look and think twice.

Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Yves Klein and Robert Morris are some of the most recognized names in Western minimalist art practice. We bring you minimalistic paintings from Indian artists and leading galleries across the nation on a single platform.

Explore the world of minimalism through our carefully curated collection of paintings, photographs and sculptures here.

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