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Impressionism Prints


Impressionism is often associated with beautiful landscapes, sceneries, seascapes, cityscapes as so on. Artists in Paris, France, around 1860’s wanted to break away from traditional liner perspective and instead reveal the impression created by viewing an outdoor scene. Many artists would paint in plein air or open air, but it wasn’t a copy of what they saw, but the memory or impression of scenery. 

Using visible lines and bright colours, these impressionable works were created by artists come of whom have become the most well-known names in visual arts altogether. Artists such as Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Gustave Courbet among others were in a way the first to bring modernity into their works. 

Public leisure being one of the important aspects of modern urban leisure, artists often captured moments in cafes, pubs, streets and by riversides. The influence of impressionism is visible in contemporary Indian art today. Mojarto has a huge collection of impressionist artworks from across the country. Many impressionist artworks showcase the diverse landscapes and cityscapes of the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Gujrat to Bengal. Find a wide variety of impressionist works at the click of a button.

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