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Illustration Prints


The art of illustration dates back to thousands of years. Traditionally illustrations were merely a visual representation of text in publishing sector. However contemporary artists have included illustration art into their artistic practice. Today Illustrations have gained the popularity at par with every other kind of art.

Drawing is the simplest and the most fundamental form of visual expression using a medium like pen, ink, graphite, charcoal, brush etc. Although we have all sketched at some point in our lives, still the art of drawing remains a skill that only few can master. Drawing is the oldest form of human expression much before formal written communication was ever known to the human race. Ancient man used to communicate with pictorial representations on walls of caves, stones and trees. Drawing and illustrations are perhaps the only artistic techniques that have left a profound impact on the human race; these have been carried forward for the longest period of time.

Illustration artists primarily work with ink, watercolours and pastels. The element of storytelling and narration is the essence of illustration art. Immerse yourself in the depths of human expression and artistic impression with drawings and illustrations. Many of them maybe in simple black and white but they by no means do they ever cease to create an almost ethereal impact.

If you are the one fascinated by drawings, comic strips and caricatures then Mojarto brings you a collection of illustration art from artists across the country at the click of a button.

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