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Folk Prints


Indian Folk art often represents the rich cultural heritage, skilled craftsmanship across the nation and is a direct link to the vibrant and ancient visual history of the country.  Although historians have pointed out the loose and problematic categorization of certain art forms as “folk”, they have helped identify and document artworks that can sometimes be difficult to access. This aspect of limited access is interesting since there is a unique art form practices in almost every region in India. Mostly indigenous to certain geographical localities or particular communities, folk art is almost always integrated into the everyday lives of the folk artists. Therefore folk art often carries many stories, folklores, folktales and myths along with them.

Folk paintings are the pictorial representations of the village life coming from the folk painters, each representing their own regional diversity. The raw aesthetic appeal coming from indigenous artists is some art that is incomparable to any other art style. India is home to many folk art forms coming from across the country like the Patachitra from Orissa, Madhubani from Bihar, Warli from Maharashtra, Phad paintings of Rajasthan, Kalighat from Bengal, Gond and Bhil Paintings from central India, Kerala Murals and the Picchwai.

The beauty of folk art lies in their eccentric compositions, vibrancy and expert technique. On Mojarto, we bring for you folk art from across the country through leading Indian galleries and artists. Connect yourself with indigenous art styles of the country with our exclusive collection of folk paintings.

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