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Conceptual Prints


Conceptual art is very popular in the contemporary art world. Conceptual art as the name suggests are artworks where the concept or the thought takes precedence over the execution of it. The idea and process is of greater consequence than the finished artwork, or the material or aesthetic aspects attached to it.         

Conceptual art movement started in the 1960s Europe and Americas. The term has since taken many shapes and is a popular art style in the contemporary art landscape. Marcel Duchamp is often recognized as the forefather of conceptual art. He started using already existing everyday items like a bicycle wheel or even a urinal to create his art. Thus they were often called “readymade”. His readymade titled Fountain, 1917 is cited as the first conceptual artwork. This form of art changed the very definition of art.

Conceptual artists often create unique works which have a never-seen-before aspect in them. Indian conceptual artists such as Subodh Gupta have made waves globally with their creative installation art. Conceptual art piece doesn’t always have to be large installation; it could be a painting, a sculpture, a photograph or even a performance! Conceptual art often has very interesting story, cause or intent attached to their creation often making them a social or political statement.

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