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Art Deco Prints


Art deco is an art style that has a rich and strong vocabulary. Often associated with architecture and décor, art deco can be applied in a variety of mediums from fashion to interior design.

Art deco first appeared just before the First World War and since then has influenced design of everyday household objects to major architectural designs. The uniqueness of art deco comes from it having a distinctly modernist style. Often a display of fine craftsmanship, bold colors and rich materials, art deco has these elements in its representation in visual arts as well.

Today, art deco is synonymous with luxury, exuberance, and glamour. Bringing together aspects of modernism such as styles including cubism and expressionism, art deco often stands out as strong creative craftsmanship.

Indian art deco artists, who bring these elements today, not only bring out the exquisite design elements but new concepts as well. Thus art deco paintings are not just a form of ornamentation or lavish design, but are a form of creative expression in elements that go far beyond a merely decorative vision.

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