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Photography Techniques To Capture The Magical Photograph

Team Mojarto 10th Nov 2021

Photographs are one of the best inventions of human beings. It becomes a reservoir of memories, happiness and beauty. Photography is the most effective way to capture breathtaking sceneries, beautiful wildlife and irrevocable memories. Every picture has many stories to tell and joys of life to share. Everything viewed through a lens seems more magical and lovely. A camera is a splendour that shows a glimpse of heaven on earth. 

Soul Reflection By Amit More

Soul Reflection By Amit More

The old photograph of our family picnic which is now a smeared print with blurry lines and grey flecks reminds us of the real essence of joy. It is unequivocally the better way to capture and spread euphoria. With every artistry that unfurls before our eyes in a photograph, there is a whole lot of skill set hidden behind it. Photography is an art that gets better with the application of skill and practice of intricacies. It becomes important to know about automatic flash, shutter speed and aperture. This difference can make your capture the perfect one. These details are more important if you are new to DSLRs. Here are a few tips to capture the perfect photograph which otherwise might feel a bit intimidating. 

Steps. By Saify Akolawala

Steps. By Saify Akolawala

Focus and zoom are two prime factors that make your photograph better. It is advised to be close to your subject rather than the zoom as it can decrease the quality of the photo. The perfect physically distance from the subject can deliver a good photo. 

It is always recommended to work in even lighting. Light deficient and shadowed spots can spoil your dream photograph. It is encouraged to use the golden hour extensively. Golden hour is the time that is two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. This is a perfect time as the natural light is diffused and even. Adding an external source of light enhances the magic of your photographs. 

Knowing about the arrangement of visual elements or the composition makes your images better. The perfect photo composition with a colour balance is the key to expressing your whole story. Adjust your colour balance settings depending on the lighting to get your photos in your desired colours. 

Brownie tip: Practice is the key to perfection and photography is no exception to it. Practice also brings out your strengths and weaknesses which in turn helps you capture any moment perfect. It is advised to grab your cameras and start taking the best photographs. Ralph Waldo Emerson says, Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it. Similarly, it would be best to search for the beauty in every object and moment to capture the best photograph.

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