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5 Gorgeous Storage Items For A Well Organised Kitchen, Under Rs 2000

Sukriti Dubey 29th Aug 2017

An uncluttered and beautifully decorated kitchen is a dream to work in. In a pleasant and vibrant kitchen, cooking becomes all the more fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately, keeping everything in place seems like a time-taking task. But you don’t really have to spend a bomb on remodeling it instead add just a few decorative containers and kitchenware and give your kitchen a fresh look instantly. We’ve listed 5 products that are functional and stylish for kitchen décor, all under Rs 2000. Keep scrolling!

1. Chalk Board Ceramic Jar

Chalk Boar Medium Jar Kitchen Ware By Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

Chalk Boar Medium Jar by Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

The modern kitchen isn’t complete without some traditional craftsmanship, like this handmade ceramic jar. The simple and timeless design is perfect for storing anything and everything, from flour to pickles. Write the contents of the jar on the chalk board for an organised kitchen.

2. Brigid Butter Dish

Brigid Butter Dish Kitchen Ware By Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

Brigid Butter Dish by Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

This artfully crafted butter dish will keep your butter fresh, from the fridge to the table. Even the most mundane activities and objects can become stylish and luxurious if you invest in the right products. A lot of hassles can be avoided by keeping everything in place in the kitchen, besides saving you time in your rushed mornings before office and tired evenings afterwards.

3. Sarra Oil Dispenser

Sarra Oil Dispenser Kitchen Ware By Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

Sarra Oil Dispenser by Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

Kitchenware doesn’t get more beautiful than this! Practical and gorgeous, the intricately hand-painted oil dispenser is a must have for any kitchen. Time to swap the drab plastic oil bottles for a gorgeous ceramic one!

4. Sarra Utensils Holder

Sarra Utensil Holder Kitchen Ware By Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

Sarra Utensil Holder by Ikka Dukka Studio Pvt Ltd

Keep your spatulas and knives in one place, in this beautifully designed ceramic mug. The soothing colours and intricate hand-painted design make simple storage products the focal point of kitchens.

5. Tea Box

Tea Box 152x89 Table Ware By Organic Connect

Tea Box by Organic Connect

Never a bad time to throw away those paper sachet tea boxes! Go for this organic tea box to store sachets in an organised and decorative way. The clean and uncoloured interiors of the box allow the tea to retain its flavour, while the outside has been coloured to suit your taste.


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