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  • An Off-Beat Way To Beautify Your Living Space With Artworks

    By  Team Mojarto / 30th Nov 2021

    The title of this blog conveniently calls it off-beat, but the style and medium that will be listed below is an indigenous art that has been reduced to the off-...

  • A Sense For The Nonsense

    By    Abha Iyengar / 24th Nov 2021

    From Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, the limerick has come a long way, allowing serious socio-political commentary too to become part of its nonsense, fun univer...

  • The Smart Way To Fill Your Room With Enriching Colours

    By Team Mojarto / 23rd Nov 2021

    We belong to a society that loves vibrancy and colours. Similar to its people and place, Indian art and design is also popular for their vibrant hues and striki...

  • The Voiceless Verse

    By Abha Iyengar (Arts Illustrated) / 22nd Nov 2021

    If Kamala Das poetry spoke about the intense spirit of an oppressed woman, then K. Srilatas poetry gives us a glimpse of the inherent melancholic rhythm and cad...

  • Ceramics Are In Trend Now!

    By  Team Mojarto / 18th Nov 2021

    Ceramics are one of the oldest materials that have stood the test of time. The materials utility, patrons and rules have evolved tremendously but it remains the...

  • Simple Melodies

    By Siddhartha Das (Arts Illustarted) / 17th Nov 2021

    Navigating the chaos of the world around us, the arts provide ample instances in which to find quiet beauty and haunting melodies that fill us with restive hope...

  • Bring Your Garden To Life With These Beautiful Sculptures

    By  Team Mojarto / 16th Nov 2021

    It is always good to be surrounded by plants. Nature and greenery give much-needed freshness to our minds and body. It rejuvenates and replenishes us from withi...

  • Mind The Gap

    By Team Arts Illustrated / 15th Nov 2021

    Have you ever looked at a built/designed structure and wondered: What were they thinking? I remember the first time I had one of those moments. I was about 6 ye...

  • Artworks That Can Be The Mood Setter For Any Space

    By Team Mojarto / 13th Nov 2021

    We all desire of setting up our dream living space. The space which can engulf all our stress and worries and give some warmth and happiness. But setting up the...

  • Running Its Course

    By Poonam Ganglani (Arts Illustrated) / 12th Nov 2021

    Mumbai-based architect Brinda Somayas unique use of metaphors from the land into her design projects are like connecting lines between what is and what it can b...

  • Photography Techniques To Capture The Magical Photograph

    By Team Mojarto / 10th Nov 2021

    Photographs are one of the best inventions of human beings. It becomes a reservoir of memories, happiness and beauty. Photography is the most effective way to c...

  • The Art Of Everywhere 

    By  Rahul Kumar (Arts Illustrated) / 9th Nov 2021

    Entrepreneur-artist-photographer-collector Vir Kotaks office is on the top floor of an old-school building in Lutyens Delhi. There is art in the lift lobby, wal...


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