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Textile Art


An artist’s imagination has no limit. The existence of various art movements in history is a classic example of how artists keep experimenting and developing variations in art.

Textile art is one such example of art leaving the more popular canvases and coming alive on a piece of fabric. In India, we have traditionally, seen several folk art forms like Picchwai, Phad and Patachitra among others, created on cloth.

Contemporary textile artists have combined techniques of textile designing like resist dyeing; block printing, embroidery, appliqué, printing etc. to create works on fabrics which reflect their unique artistic vision.

What’s more? Textile art, when adorning your wall could not only be a conversation starter but also embody centuries of traditional art practice and techniques. Mojarto carefully handpicks unique and exclusive textile based art that combines the heritage of our past with the contemporary vision of our present.

Bring home the unmatched quality of traditional and contemporary textile art from Mojarto. Find your Mojo in Art.

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