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Surrealism Art


We think Surreal and think Salvodar Dali. The image of the melting clock appears in our mind’s eye. Surrealist art is impactful, powerful and potent. The artist’s vivid imagination is perhaps what makes the artworks.

Surrealism is a form of visual art that revolves around the concept of dreams and reality. It could best be termed as the expression of the unconscious or subconscious mind. The Surrealist Movement first began in Europe in the 1920’s in the form of surreal literary works of Andre Breton, Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx. It then branched out to visual art and produced some of the most distinctive artists known today. Though Dali remains the most powerful artists associated with surrealism the works of Max Ernest, John Miro and Rene Magritte have also been a remarkable part of the surrealist art movement

Surrealism as a technique or a philosophy, however, has been present in art in India from time immemorial. From paintings inspired by mythology to the struggles of our dark colonial past, Indian artists have been using surrealism to depict it all. Surrealist paintings make one connect with the subconscious mind and takes the viewers into a world of dream and imagination. Indulge the art of imagination and expressions of the subconscious mind with our exclusive collection of Surrealism paintings. Get home a surrealist artwork at the click of the mouse only through Mojarto. 

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