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Serigraph Paintings


Serigraph is a unique opportunity to own your dream masterpiece.

Serigraphy is the art of silk screen printing using a stencil. The term serigraphy is what differentiates screen printing from it commercial usage into the artistic sphere. They are an amazing affordable alternative to original artworks. Seasoned collectors and Art lovers are known to appreciate Serigraphs of master artists.

Serigraphs are considered to be at par with original works of art. They are not mere reproduction of an artwork but involve the vision and hand of the artist and the printer. The serigraphist would bring out the best of his craft to re-create the original artwork and then the original artist would inspect, verify, number and sign the prints in the edition. 

Traditionally, artists would have to be present during the process of printing a serigraph. The process of printing is entirely handmade even in modern times; despite the existence of automated serigraph machines and artists continue to play an integral role in the creation of a serigraph.

A serigraph may be priced depending upon whether it is a limited edition or an open edition print. Limited edition prints are priced higher than open edition.

Serigraphs have contributed immensely in popularising and making art easily accessible. Rediscover your favourite artists through serigraphs on Mojarto.

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