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Modern Art Sculptures


Tastefully decorate your space with unique sculptures crafted by artists. These 3D artworks are incredibly powerful and can revamp your entire environment.

Sculptures are generally extremely durable and last for several decades. Sculptures could be carved by removing material or could be modeled by adding material in stone, metal, wood, fiberglass and ceramics.

Sculptures can be worked by techniques of removal such as carving, assembling by wielding or modeling or cast. Sculptures have been around since ancient days and the some of the world’s greatest masterpieces have been sculpted during the Classical ages.

However, Modern and contemporary artists use found objects outside of traditional materials that could range from recycled household objects to industrial material. Sometimes known as installation art, some sculptures can even used to unconventional spaces indoors and outdoors.

With nearly 500 sculptures, Mojarto provides you an incredible and an unbelievable variety of sculptures from talented emerging artists to celebrated senior masters such Laxma Goud, Sakti Burman, K S Radhakrishnan to name a few.

Explore this unique and exquisite collection at the click of a button. Let Mojarto help you find you Mojo in Art.

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