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Prints are an amazing way to begin your journey as an art collector.

Printing and Printmaking are two interrelated words with entirely different meaning in respect to fine arts.

The process of printing to create a work of art, which is what Printmaking, is all about.

The art of printmaking is a centuries old tradition that keeps evolving as printmaking artists experiment with different technologies and styles.  Printmaking art is just as vital a form of fine art as painting or sculpture. It includes an artistic vision combined with expertise and technique to create a work of art

Printmaking is largely associated with production of multiple images using a master plate or ‘matrix’. Woodcut, Etching, Lithography, Linocut, Aquatint and Serigraphy are some of the popular traditional variants of printmaking.

A digital print on the other hand is printing which involves digital technology.  They are an amazing alternative to purchasing original artworks when you are still trying to discover your style statement or taste as an art collector.

The beauty of prints comes with the fact that you can have multiple editions of an artwork yet preserve the exclusivity of an original artwork.

Start your journey as a collector with Mojarto’s unique prints online.

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