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Art Photography


Photography is probably the most powerful medium of visual expression and storytelling. You and I both have camera, vicariously documenting our everyday lives, from the special moment that someone proposes to careless drives with your best friend.

But there are those, gifted artists, who capture these moments with unmatched expertise. Mojarto brings you some of the finest photographs in our country at the click of a button.

Art photography, just like painting, involves the visual elements of line, shade and hues. It is just that the medium instead of brushes and paints is the camera. The vision of the artist or the photographer, the aesthetics, composition and techniques all combine to form Art Photography.

Portrait photography is another niche skill. Across the world, portrait painting was typically a luxury, accessible only to royalty or the few wealthy families. However, on Mojarto we bridge the gap and bring to you high quality prints.

 In the contemporary age, we have the ability to capture moments and memories of people instantly and keep them safe for posterity.

Mojarto presents a collection of photographs from photographers who have created artworks by bringing together modern camera technology with their unique artistic vision.

Enjoy this exclusive collection of artistic excellence by bringing home Photographs from Mojarto. Find you Mojo in Art.

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