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Decorative Paintings


Many collectors buy art for its aesthetic value. Art has been used to beautify and add cultural value to our surroundings since ages in the form of photographs, murals, sculptures, installations, paintings, graffiti and much more. Decorative art takes into account all art that is created with an emphasis on aesthetics. As the famous poet John Keats wrote “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, decorative art tends to create a sense of joy and is enhance and transform a space to achieve higher beauty.

Contemporary decorative painting follows a systematic approach in creation of an artwork; therefore there are some elements in decorative art that are repetitive. Decorative paintings often incorporate patterns, designs, textures in a methodical style. Celebration of pattern and ornamentation is the essence of decorative paintings. Often hidden in the eye-catching and gorgeous artworks, decorative arts require expertise and prodigious amount of technical prowess.

Are you looking for a painting to go with your interiors or an artwork that gives a face-lift to your decor? Find the best of decorative art from the most talented and gifted artists across India on Mojarto.

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