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At first glance, cubist artworks may seem broken, jagged, and far away from reality. But, it is a representation holds incredible depth and has an incredible art history. In fact, it is considered one of the most important and influential art movement that had repercussions far beyond its origin. 

Started in the early twentieth century in Paris, France, by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, their works were in geometric forms, much like “cubes”. Many early influences of Cubist art is linked to non-western sources as well. 

These cubist artists potentially started a new visual language where artists wanted to reject the old concept where art should copy nature. Instead, they reduced and fractured their subjects into geometric two-dimensional shallow models such that each portion could  be dissected and analysed analyzed. 

Contemporary Indian artists have adapted and modified this art movement to influence their own art practice. It is fascinating to view the concepts of twentieth century making its way on canvas even a hundred years later. Audiences who understand the rich history of cubism can easily identify the depth and beauty of cubist or geometric art

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