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Whether you are looking to buy an original watercolor painting, modern abstract art, or a simple portrait painting, Mojarto is India’s largest online art platform with over 20,000 digital prints and original art for sale.

You can search by price that fits your budget, medium of your choice, size of artworks, seasoned collectors may prefer artwork style, or simply explore by color palettes.

Buying art online has never been easier. You can interpret artworks on your own or base it on the artist’s individual journey as you scroll through thousands of modern and contemporary art online.

Each art for sale on Mojarto goes through a rigorous selection process; bringing you India’s most gifted emerging artists to the most sought-after celebrated masters. 

Let us help you fall in love with Art. Haven’t found what you love? Simply write to our advisory team and get expert suggestions completely free of cost.  Buying Art online is now simple, convenient and an extraordinary experience with Mojarto, one of the most trusted online art platforms in the world.

For all your Art needs, there is Mojarto. Find your Mojo in Art.

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